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A User Form-Based Calendar “Control” for Excel

May 3rd, 2011

Are you looking for an alternative to the Microsoft ActiveX Calendar Control? Have you had trouble sharing applications containing the control with others who don’t have the control installed on their machine? This article may be helpful.

The Microsoft ActiveX Calendar Control works well if it came with your existing Office application. If you distribute Excel applications to others, the calendar control also works well if those you distribute to also have the calendar control with their existing Office application.

However, the Microsoft Office ActiveX Calendar Control is only a part of Office versions that include Microsoft Access. This can cause problems.

There are several web sites that provide the Microsoft Calendar Control with instructions on how to register and distribute it. Using the calendar control in this way is most likely a violation of the Microsoft Office end user license agreement and is not recommended.

Offered here is a free pop-up calendar for Excel. It works much the same way as its ActiveX cousin, is built on a user form and contains only controls that are included with every Office application (user form, button, multi-page form, combo box and label).

Iolite Excel Calendar

The WinZip download holds an Excel workbook (calendar.xlsm) containing the calendar and a button on the only worksheet to display the calendar. You can export the calendar (frmCalendar) from the workbook for use in other applications.

Feel free to modify as needed but please retain the attributions to Iolite on the visible part of the user form as well as the background code.

Download the WinZip file here.


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